Lamp Bases

The signature products of Tremaen are the lamp bases. They are the most popular and desirable items produced by the pottery. They will secure the pottery's place in the history of Cornish contemporary ceramics. They are decorative but, more importantly, functional. They do not look out of place in a range of settings, either traditional or contemporary, and they combine well with other natural materials such as wood or stone.

Designs for lamp bases were sometimes produced in a range of sizes, colours or glazes. On occasions, two moulds were joined together to make a taller lamp base.The lamp bases were given names with cornish links like Lanyon,Jizal,Boscawen and Zennor.

The images of the lamp bases have been divided into three categories; naturalistic, sculptural and figural. To access these, please click on the links below.

A selection of naturalistic lamp bases
A selection of sculptural lamp bases
A selection of figural sculptural lamp bases