By Year Production Timeline

It has been possible to date accurately much of the production at Tremaen from catalogues, photographs and price lists. There are some gaps however and some lamp bases may have been available for a longer period than indicated on the timeline. Innovation and change at the pottery meant that new designs were introduced regularly although some popular examples lasted many years. On occasions names were retained and given to a new design.

As you click on the dates along the timeline three distinct phases in the twenty three years of production at Tremaen will become evident.

In the early stages the lamps were heavy, tactile and very much influenced by natural forms.
Following this there was a more sculptural phase where shape and form took precedence over decoration.
In the last stage the employment of a specialist mould maker meant that more intricate and detailed figural lamp bases could be produced. Although some of the more naturalistic lamp bases like the cow parsley design continued to be made, later versions were more mass produced and lacked the rough textured, handmade feel of earlier pieces.

Current Year: 1988